Dromos Mikras Asias
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A unique experience

for every long-distance athlete

We welcome you to the hyper-distance race
«Dromos Mikras Asias»

Hyrer-Distance athlete myself and born in Asia Minor, i join two villages in which i grew up, Nea Kios, Argolida and Meli, Megara.

The course, the tolerance to pain, hardships and the effort to overcome every obstacle in order to reach zero so you can make a new beginning, show the true value everyone of us should have through his own race, his own way, the way of Asia Minor.

104.5 km, 90 volunteers, 4 security cameras and two supervisors will be close in every step until the finish.

Ladies and Gentlemen fair play …

The president
Sotiris Sotiriou

Sotiriou Sotirios


Karpouza Vicky

Race judge


refueling stations


cities & villages


volunteers throughout the route


total race kilometers

Race info


The race will take place on Saturday 12/10/2016 at 22:00 on asphalt route through the old national road Argos – Athens . Starting from Nea Kios and first stop at Argos Square, the route continues to Koutsopodi and Fichti towards Dervenakia where it is the most difficult part for runners and should intensify their attention .

We head towards St . Basil, Chiliomodi and after that we meet Solomos where there is the central refueling station. From there we continue to Examilia and Kira Fountain, broth there we continue to Corinth and the isthmus. Then follows the Ag . Theodori and Kineta where essentially we meet the biggest climbs of the race .

We continue to Panorama and the bridge where we turn left to go to the city center of Megara where is the finish .

At Megara stadium (race finish) will be volunteers, masseuse, special places to take a bath and buffet.

Throughout the route there will be 17 stops for athletes.


  • 90 Volunteers
  • 17 refueling stations along the route with mileage per station from 4-6 km .
  • Designated change place for the athletes
  • Technical information spot before the start of the race
  • Spaghetti party
  • Free coffee

Local dishes will be offered for the athletes and the attendants.
Before the start of the race there will be cultural events.

Upon race finish athletes will be able to bathe and massage. Also, there will be buffet with sandwiches, pastries and hot drinks (Tea , chocolate ).

More information about Megara you can see the official website of the Municipality , visitmegara.gr


Fill the form with your details and enter the race. After submitting this form we will contact you for further information and confirmation.

The participation fee is 55 € + 5 € for the transfer bus.

Included in the price

  • Athlete number
  • Race technical shirt
  • 3 meals
  • Coffee
  • Bip counter
  • Medal
  • Diploma
  • Cup of the race for the first 3 athletes
  • Bus from Sintagma – Nea Kios and back with departure at 15:30


For athletes from Peloponnese, Messinia, etc. there will be buses from Megara to Nea Kios. Departure time is 16:30.

For the registration to be valid, please deposit the amount at
IBAN: GR08 0172 1170 0051 1705 6261 012

Attendant info


The start of the race is on Saturday 12/10/2016 at 22:00 and will be held in Nea Kios with first stop at the Argos Square.
From there the route continues to Koutsopodi and then to Fichti, Dervenakia,
Agios Vasilis, Chiliomodi, Salmon, Examilia, Kira Fountain, Isthmus, Saints Theodori,
Kineta and ends at Megara to the city stadium .

You can zoom the map below to see the points precisely.

Days left


Contact us for registrations or other inquiries you may have

Sotiriou Sotirios

mob. 6984408519 | email dromosmikrasasias@gmail.com